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More Than light

A Moroccan light:

For an illuminated Africa and a radiant World.

Lux lighting was born from a concept based on light and urbanism, a light that illuminates the path of each citizen living in his city to explore, his park to let his dog out, his travel route to meet his family. Illuminating his universe from start to finish. Conveniently living, serenely going out, calmly taking a walk, gently enjoying the spaces of the city, that’s why and more, we make light with passion and precision.

More than light, is also a concept of urban planning that takes care of the architecture of the city, the convenience of its inhabitants, the spaces to be illuminated, the well-being of the monuments, the center of the city, to present a city with a different and unique urbanism to its spirit.

Lux Lighting works, innovates and explores every day to produce not just a luminaire or a city feature but a complete urban lighting solution for every space and every city.

Lux Lighting
Our expertise

A Solution for every Need.

In an era where production logic and standardization ruled over ideas and designs, Lux Lighting has proudly developed an approach that is not only market-oriented but also aesthetically pleasing to the user and the citizen.

Our team relies on essential and developed tools such as thermal, optical, dust, rain and more simulation. Continuous testing to optimize and fine-tune the luminaire on a daily basis during production allows us to comfortably offer a multi-year warranty, all in a laboratory set up in our state-of-the-art facility, supervised by lighting experts to ensure sufficient testing, reliable quality and a rigorous on-sight control and verification process.

Our company

Moroccan and African leader specialized in the
manufacturing of lighting solutions.

Lux Lighting is the Moroccan and African leader in the manufacture of LED technology-based lighting fixtures, marketing a range of Intertek GS and CE certified fixtures that ensure a lifetime of 50,000 hours, in addition to being ISO 9001 certified for safety, reliability and performance, which positions Lux Lighting as an industrial reference in the African continent and the World.

These accomplishments made through our history of work and our teams committed to improving their home Lux Lighting have forged over time a reputation earned and established in the market for the quality of its products designed to reflect robustness and performance, a solid reputation we attribute to our skilled and loyal workforce.

We are a member of the Zhaga consortium, ensuring standardization of LED light component interfaces, and are actively engaged in the development of new solutions.

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