How can street lighting decrease criminality?

There has been a long-standing connection between lighting and crimes. Street lighting is an effective measure to fight robberies, break-ins, destruction, and many other damages that frequently take place in the middle of the night. By keeping your own property adequately lit, you can minimize risks and prevent criminal activity from flourishing.

How do luminaires enhance both safety and security?

As demonstrated by this article, the areas with interrupted street lighting commonly have an increase in crime. Through a lighting study conducted, the writers discovered that criminal activity tends to be present in darker locations. They claim that “street light outages cause crime to shift to nearby street segments.” This means, that if the business down the street from your property has upgraded their lighting, you should upgrade yours as well.

The two most common crimes that lighting influences are “armed robbery and motor vehicle theft.” But by investing in lighting, you can discourage this type of activity around your business.

Daylight Saving Time

With the end of daylight-saving time, darkness falls earlier in the evening again. The extra hour of light added by daylight saving time may seem insignificant, but it has a greater impact than you think, for this reason, many countries in the world do not switch to standard time all year round the case of Morocco.

Choosing the right outdoor lighting

Because improving the lighting standards of your outside space will lower the chance of crime, it is time to consider the right lighting for your property.

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