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LED Luminaire

Feuille I

High performance and durability,
with optimized aerodynamics.

Feuille I

Born from an ecological inspiration, this luminaire reflects an assumed vegetal allure. Its slim body made of die-cast aluminum and tracing the veins of a green leaf gives it excellent aerodynamic performance with optimal heat dissipation. Feuille I is available in two sizes covering various applications in urban and road environments.



Electrical Features
ProtectionClass I or II
Nominal voltage (V)220 - 240
Vac voltage (V)170 - 264
Frequency (Hz)50 - 60
Power factor> 0,98
Courant d’alimentationProgrammable up to 1050 mA
Supply currentAutonomous from 1 to 5 levels
Protocol / CertificateProtocole DALI 2.0 / D41
SPD Overvoltage protectionUp to 12 KV
Optical CharacteristicsInfos
Color rendering index (CRI)≥70
Color temperature (oK)2700 à 6500
Lifetime (H)L90B10
Upward< 0
Mechanical CharacteristicsInfos
Weight (Kg)9
Dimensions (L x l x H) mm775 X 385 X 90
IP (Body / Optical block)IP66 / 66
IK (Basin / Body)IK08 / 10
Aerodynamic Resistance0,291 M2 / 0,90 M2
Dimensions I Installation
A775 mm
B385 mm
C90 mm
Weight9 kg
Lux Lighting



The rated data of LED modules refer only to LED light sources in standard version, with color temperature of 3000K, 4000K and 5000K, color rendering index CRI 70 and junction temperature Tj of °25C. The nominal data of LEDs are extrapolated from the manufacturer’s documentation.
12 LED HP5001732802005000K
12 LED HP7002444301895000K
12 LED HP10503762101705000K
12 LED HP5001732501974000K
12 LED HP7002443801864000K
12 LED HP10503761301684000K
12 LED HP5001730501863000K
12 LED HP7002441101753000K
12 LED HP10503757701583000K
24 LED HP5003365001974000K
24 LED HP7004787601864000K
24 LED HP105073123001684000K
36 LED HP5005097501974000K
36 LED HP70071131401864000K
36 LED HP1050110184501684000K
16 LED HP5002243702005000K
16 LED HP7003159001885000K
16 LED HP10504982801705000K
16 LED HP5002243301984000K
16 LED HP7003158401864000K
16 LED HP10504982001684000K
16 LED HP5002240601863000K
16 LED HP7003154801753000K
16 LED HP10504977001593000K
32 LED HP5004486601984000K
32 LED HP70063116801864000K
32 LED HP105097164001684000K
48 LED HP50066129901984000K
48 LED HP70094175201864000K
48 LED HP1050146246001684000K
64 LED HP50088273201984000K
64 LED HP700126233601864000K
64 LED HP1050195328001684000K
80 LED HP500112212001984000K
80 LED HP700160286501864000K
80 LED HP1050250402501684000K



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